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There are presently no open calls for submissions.


Hypertext pays $40 for each accepted piece or group of poems/flash.

Hypertext Magazine has been an independent press since 2010. That means we are not funded by a larger institution and we fulfill our mission on less than $10,000 (on a good year) annually. Even though we operate on a shoestring, we consistently publish two print journals, maintain an online presence, and teach 30-50 free writing workshops to our nonprofit partners' clients annually. Our editors are not paid (our goal, for 2022, is to pay our editorial staff) but we pay over 100 writers, visual artists and teachers each year. 

From Spring 2020 to Spring 2021, we waived submission fees but, because we have not been able to secure significant funding, we've been forced to add a submission fee. We resisted doing this but the reality is that funders, sadly, don't often take chances on small literary magazines. If you are so inclined, we've also added a TIP JAR. Leaving a tip will not increase your odds of being published in Hypertext  but it will help us fulfill our mission. We read all submissions, tip or no tip, with the same care and consideration.

Please note: 

Please do not email your poetry submissions. At this time, we solicit all poetry.

Our submission plan allows 150 submissions per month (split between fiction and essays). That quota fills quickly. If you are unable to submit, please try again next month. 

Before submitting, please read our magazine and become familiar with our content. We publish a wide range of voices—from emerging to established writers. We also publish a wide range of content—from safe to not-so-safe. We are a small operation and we log in a ton of hours working on edits with writers, posting, and publishing.

We nominate writers for national awards including the Pushcart Prize and "Best American Short Stories" and "Best American Essays" series. Six writers published in Hypertext Review have been recognized by "Best American Essays" editors as Honorable Mentions. 

If you buy our journal, your purchase will not only give you an idea of what kinds of stories we publish but it truly helps keep our doors open. Find our journals in our online store or at your local indie bookstore.

It has come to our attention that many of you are not receiving a decline notification email (from Submittable) when Hypertext declines your submission. If you visit your Submittable account to find that Hypertext has declined your piece without sending a decline email notification, please check your Submittable notifications settings and, if you don't find an issue there, notify Submittable about the problem. Sadly, we have no way to resolve this issue from our end. 

Additional notes:

Submissions close from June 1 to September 1.

To earn a living, all of our editors work full-time jobs. Because of this, you will hear back from us in 3-4 months, but usually much sooner. Feel free to nudge us via email if you have not heard back in 4 months. 

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